Can I Buy Gold With a Credit Card?

Some of the steps have been taken regarding the issue as the price of gold has increased steadily recently and the ban on installments, which has been put as a precautionary measure, has been restored.

In this context, it became possible for consumers to re-install their gold purchases. Therefore, how much commission is charged when paying gold with a credit card, what should be considered and it will be useful to mention derivative issues.

Can I Buy Gold With a Credit Card?

Can I Buy Gold With a Credit Card?

Gold could be purchased at any time by credit card, but it was possible to do this only in one shot, not in installments. After the last steps are taken, it was made possible to buy gold from the jeweler through credit cards of some banks and install this exchange with installments with a maturity of 6 months.

Gold Purchase Commission with Credit Card

No commission payment is required to the jeweler or bank to buy gold by credit card. The cost to be made is related to the shopping interest rate and maturity difference determined by the bank regarding the credit card.

Therefore, the amount of maturity difference that consumers will pay for their expenditures varies according to the bank, and all they need to do is contact the bank’s call center. The shopping interest rate of each bank is different and therefore it is not possible to talk about a general passing rate.

Can Gold Purchase Be Installed Later?

Can Gold Purchase Be Installed Later?

If gold is purchased, this debt should be reflected in the statement. In some cases, the debts reflected on the statement can be postponed for a month or spread over a longer-term in return for a certain maturity difference.

This is not a special right granted directly to the purchase of gold, but a campaign directly allocated by the bank to the consumer. You can find out if your bank has the possibility of a later installment and pay the installments you have made one shot.

Places Where Gold Is Purchased By Credit Card

It would be beneficial for consumers to go to a jeweler who owns the pos device of the bank where he works to make much fewer commission payments in gold purchases. As it is known, banks charge an extra commission from the business for the expenditures made by credit cards of different banks, therefore, jewelers can also demand commission from consumers. Many jewelers across the country can sell gold in installments.

In which situations it makes sense

First of all, if you are buying gold with a credit card to invest, it is worth noting that this does not make sense, you should invest only with your savings. However, if you need to buy gold for a special day, but if you do not have enough savings or if your credit application to the banks remains unanswered for your cash needs, it may make sense to purchase gold with a credit card.

Can I Buy Gold and Exchange it at a different jeweler?


After purchasing gold with a credit card, you can exchange it at the same jeweler, not at a different jeweler. As a result, purchasing gold with a credit card does not constitute any disadvantage, and therefore you can get cash by reselling the gold you bought, but you need to make a good calculation here.

Often the commission rates demanded by the jeweler are higher than the interest rates set by the bank for a cash advance, so you should not forget that you have the opportunity to withdraw cash advance and you should also take this into account.

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