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Thank you for your experience on this topic! The placement addressed a wide range of institutional investors in Germany and abroad. This page reflects my personal experiences and opinions. The question: How much experience do you have in this industry?

Fine Bank P2P points: experiences, dangers and information

Fine Bank P2P points: experiences, dangers and information

Fine Bank is a Latvian P2P credit platform. With this article we present our experience with Fine Bank. The core task is the mediation of lenders (investors) and borrowers. This credit marketplace offers investor opportunities in many countries. The company was set up in 2009 under the company name Finabay in Latvia with the aim of brokering loans.

Through the ALI (Alternative Credit Index) Fine Bank is always looking for new markets to expand its activities. The ALI was created together with the KPMG auditors and is intended to show inefficient credit markets where the introduction of Fine Bank is worthwhile. In the meantime, more than $ 1 million in loans are granted every day.

So far, loans of $ 500 million have been granted. The young teams, which consist of over 400 employees in 6 locations, are on average only 32 years old. Invest in Fine Bank around the clock, around the clock, around the clock, around the clock, around the clock. The minimum investment amount per loan is 10 E. At the interface of the trading platform, the available credits are clearly structured and may be a bit more spartan than with other providers.

The loans can be broken down by interest rate, country, remaining term and ratings. Investments can be made either automatically or manually. Our Fine Bank experience: was the purchase worth it? We now have 2 years of experience with Fine Bank. In 2016 we transferred funds to our Fine Bank account and invested in P2P credits. We have not only invested in loans with a redemption guarantee but also in loans without a redemption guarantee.

The P2P credits also failed, as you can see in the screenshots, but the profitability is still respectable at just over 10%. Both the down payment and the distribution went smoothly and we had the credit on our in Germany after 2 working days. Therefore, only those funds should be invested whose losses are manageable in case of doubt.

Since a P2P platform is not a banking group, regulations and disclosure requirements would not have to be complied with to the same extent as with financial institutions. In some states, P2P business agents don’t even need a permit. According to their own information, 7% of the loans on the Fine Bank website have been in default in the past. It significantly reduces the risk potential if you invest in as many individual projects as possible.

In general, Fine Bank, like most P2P platforms, started operating after the recent economic crisis in 2008/2009. It is therefore unpredictable how things will go in the event of a crisis and increasing unemployment. In principle, more loan defaults can put the stage in danger in an emergency. In the event that there is a credit default. The question of how to ensure a smooth process in the event of Fine Bank’s insolvency is not discussed on the company’s website.

In principle, the investor owns the claims against the borrower, including the repayment claim. There are currently loans with a buy-back guarantee, but that’s more of a Fine Bank promise. Fine Bank purchases credits that are overdue for more than 30 days. Loans for which there is a repayment guarantee are marked with a corresponding sign.

The guarantee can only be provided as long as Fine Bank has the opportunity to reimburse these amounts. The repayment guarantee leads to a slightly lower interest rate for the corresponding loan. Accordingly, the risk types of the loans are broken down into A, B, C and repurchase. The repurchase is mainly carried out for short-term microcredit and does not apply to all loans.

Auto lenders are available to the lender so that they do not have to select each individual loan for their investment individually. At Auto-Invest, the maximum investment amount is determined first, followed by the investment amount per loan. One of the reasons why Auto-Invest is not investing can be the lack of credit availability.

When more and more people are looking for a worthwhile investment, the available investment opportunities can become rare. In this case, you can continue to invest in selected loans in addition to Auto-Invest. Does a Fine Bank application exist? Fine Bank provides an application for iPhone and cell phone. This informs the user of messages such as incoming payments, investments made and payments made.

It has to be decided by each individual whether this takeover offer brings real additional benefit for the investor or not. Due to the large amount of data that P2P traders are provided with, all of these important insights can be used by API users to optimize their own investment strategy. Although some providers have already started this service, Fine Bank does not yet have such an interface.

No bonuses or promotional codes are currently available for Fine Bank.

No bonuses or promotional codes are currently available for Fine Bank.

This also indicates that there are currently enough investors on the platform. If more investors are found in the future, it is entirely possible to change and initiate measures. Fine Bank is not a secondary market in the strict sense, but loans can be redeemed on the secondary market before the deadline.

The sale of credits is completely free of charge. However, no additions or deductions can be made to the loan amount. Interest earned in the investor’s home country is taxable. Depositing credits on Fine Bank is very easy. The bank details and the purpose to be used can be looked up in your own investor profile under the Deposits tab.

This notice must be given when transferring money and after 1 – 2 days the credit will be credited to the Fine Bank account. You can use the Disbursement pushbutton to pay out an amount of money that can be entered individually if equity is not currently involved in a loan project. If you want to change the bank details for the withdrawal, you must first transfer any amount of money from this account to your own Fine Bank account.

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Borrow $ 15,000 – Where’s the $ 15,000 credit?

Good Finance receives $ 15,000 without warranties or guarantees. Easily access your account with a flexible lever for all your needs. Good Finance gets a loan much faster than a loan from a traditional bank. With instant loans, you don’t have to go to a bank office to fill in paperwork, and everything is handy online!

Big loans can be obtained from several loan services without collateral or guarantors. The best loan services will compete for you, and you will get many loan offers in one application. Many loan offers allow easy comparison between different offers and you can easily choose the best loan for yourself.

If needed, a $ 15,000 loan can be used to combine loans

If needed, a $ 15,000 loan can be used to combine loans

For example. Paying one big credit is cheaper than paying several smaller ones. Applications are processed during the financial services opening hours and applications are processed very quickly. Few services perform all checks in real-time, so it only takes a few moments to get a loan rating. Within minutes of submitting your application, you will receive your first loan offers in response.

There are many options for a $ 15,000 loan, but it is always worth comparing. Quickdraws have a short payback time and small amounts involved, but big Good Finance needs to be carefully planned.

Whatever loan product you choose, leverage is the most convenient way to get a loan straight into your account.

Design a $ 15,000 Good Finance well

Design a $ 15,000 Good Finance well

The basis of a successful loan is good planning. There are big differences in loan service and terms and conditions, and the poor choice of door is expensive. With a quick comparison, you can easily find the most suitable loan services once you know what to watch out for. The term of the loan, the annual interest rate of the loan and other terms and conditions of the loan are important.

The maturity of the loan appears to be the annual interest rate of the debt, the longer the lower the interest rate. With the sums of money, you will no longer get the free quick loan you are familiar with, it is still possible to find cheap alternatives. Take a good look at any hidden costs so that withdrawals or account management fees are not surprisingly high. Over the years, they also generate a sizable amount of money that could be used to repay the loan.

The annual interest rate determines how much interest is paid

The annual interest rate determines how much interest is paid

To the bank in addition to the loan amount. The interest rate depends on the terms of the loan service, loan period and loan type. Compare the prices of different loan services and submit a free application for an accurate quote. The offer includes all the costs of the loan.

It is worth applying for a loan with flexible terms. When the loan terms are flexible with life changes, repayment is easier. Grace-free months, postponing the maturity date and calculating a new repayment are great tools to repay your loan.

The 15,000 dollar loan can be applied for by people who have a permanent job and are well financially settled and are resident in Finland. The credit information must not contain any defaults or other uncertainties. A loan without credit history cannot be granted.

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 Custom credit repurchase – precise answer.

Just fill out our little online form, we’ve simplified it as much as possible to make it quick and easy to fill out. Then receive your free quote for a 100% personalized study by an analyst (sent by email within an hour on weekdays).

The online simulation is completely free. Likewise, you can ask one of our advisers to call you back to help you make a simulation or to benefit from his expert advice. It won’t cost you anything.

As long as you have not accepted one of the loan buyback offers that we will offer you, you will have nothing to pay. In fact, you cannot be billed for the mere search for a credit buy-back solution.

Why do a simulation during a credit buyback request?

Why do a simulation during a credit buyback request?

When you want to restructure your debts in order to improve your financial situation, it is always recommended to make a simulation of the operation. This approach provides answers to questions like: how much lower monthly payment could I have? what is the interest rate applied? over which repayment period will the new loan be spread?

Is it a fixed rate or a variable rate? The buyback simulation provides precise answers to all these questions. Using this data, the borrower can decide whether or not to accept the refinancing offer. This allows him to prepare his budget based on the results of the simulation.

The other advantage of filling out our online form is that the redemption candidate does not need to go to a financial institution to do so. With the internet, he can do this anywhere. It just takes a few minutes. In addition, simulating the cost of refinancing is not a paying procedure.

Finally, the simulation makes it possible to choose between at least two possible solutions. The redemption candidate can either reduce the amount of monthly payments as much as possible or limit the duration of the repayment. In the first case, the results will show him a consequent drop in his debt ratio but a higher cost of credit while with the second option, the remainder of living is less comfortable but the cost of redemption is less substantial than the first case. This allows him to estimate whether to buy back all of his debts or just a part.

What is a tailor-made debt consolidation?

What is a tailor-made debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a financial transaction that allows you to consolidate loans outstanding from a buyout candidate into one. A tailor-made loan buy-back is therefore a financial package that is fully in line with the borrower’s profile and which meets his refinancing needs. It is also a redemption with a competitive interest rate and reimbursement conditions adapted to the subscriber’s expectations.

These details are important because this financial arrangement can be expensive. This happens when a person overwhelmed by his debts tries to find a buyout solution without going through a broker, when he does not have sufficient knowledge of this market. The banks then have the possibility of offering it a debt consolidation offer, but it has a high interest rate and an excessively long repayment period.

These two criteria condition the interest of a loan. In practice, the borrower’s repayment capacity must be in line with the fall in the new monthly payment, but this implies a spread over the life of the redemption. And if extending the duration of the loan reduces its difficulties, this procedure may increase the cost of credit. Hence the usefulness of finding the middle ground and of competing interest rates on the market.

What are the advantages of using a broker?

What are the advantages of using a broker?

This brokerage professional specializes in finding a tailor-made buyout contract, a real solution to his debt problem. Banks are often in partnership with these brokers because they help them improve the visibility of their offers while bringing them new customers. On the client side, using this intermediary in banking operations saves him time and money while maximizing his chances of being accepted for refinancing. Finally, as we have already said, the assistance of a broker pays only when the buyout offer is effectively signed.

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Methods to Convert Your Credit Card to Cash

There may be a need for cash due to some negativities or problems that occur, and in such cases, applying for credit may be impossible for some reason. Therefore, consumers will think of cash advance withdrawal, but the most important problem here is that the interest rates in cash advance withdrawals are high, or the entire credit card limit cannot be withdrawn as a cash advance.

There are some ways that people who want to convert some or all of their credit card limit to cash because of their urgent cash needs, but none of them are recommended. The reason why it is not recommended is that the costs incurred during the execution of the procedures are high.

Converting Credit Card Limits to Cash

Converting Credit Card Limits to Cash

People who want to convert their credit card limit to cash should think of a different amount of time before doing this if possible. Because this transaction will cause both the credit card debt to increase significantly with interest and the funds withdrawn due to the costs incurred during the transaction will not be captured in full. Also, converting the credit card limit to cash is not ethical and if the bank detects this situation, it may label the transaction as a suspect.

Is It Legal to Convert Your Credit Card Limit to Cash?

Whether the process of converting the credit card to cash is in accordance with the law is separated in a very fine line. If any person earns profit during the conversion of the credit card limit to cash, that is, if there is an interest income from the sale of money of a different person other than the bank, the transaction is illegal and usury. On the other hand, cash advance withdrawals, etc. If the credit card limit is converted into cash with transactions, there is no legal problem.

How to Convert Credit Cards to Cash

How to Convert Credit Cards to Cash

There are a number of methods that can be applied to convert credit cards into cash, and it will be useful to address each of these methods separately. Methods such as shopping on virtual pos devices on e-commerce sites, applying to jewelers, simultaneous buying and selling, paying bills or purchasing a smartphone are the most common methods.

Shopping on E-Commerce Sites

Most shopping sites allow to be included in the system of various shops rather than having their own product inventory, thus allowing sales to many more people with much more product variety and lower inventory costs. The best-known examples of this are large e-commerce sites that allow you to create a business profile.

When you open a business account on these e-commerce sites, you do not have to start a business because of the expenses made up to a certain limit and the company pays taxes on your behalf. E-commerce sites, which do all this with a commission of 5%, deposit the income from the payment made to the IBAN number you specified previously.

  1. Once you decide which shopping site to use, open two different accounts or use your existing accounts.
  2. Post a sale advertisement for an imaginary product and follow all procedures until the stage can be collected from the buyers and ensure that the product is successfully listed.
  3. Find out how much commission the shopping site will receive from the transaction and set your credit card limit accordingly.
  4. Purchase the product you put on the sale through the other account you have opened, using the online payment method.
  5. Indicate that you received the product one day after the sale was successful and the payment you made on the shopping site, and confirm that the money was transferred to the relevant account.
  6. After giving your confirmation, you will see that the money has been deposited in the IBAN number that you previously specified in the vendor profile.

If possible, the information of the seller and buyer should be different. Open a seller account on behalf of someone you trust and share the bank account information of the person you trust here. Let the payment you make reach the relevant person and you get your money from this person. Otherwise, it may be possible for the transaction to fail if the examination is carried out.


Jewelers are the most frequently used institutions for converting the credit card limit to cash, and the fact that it is being used by more people day by day made it necessary to make some arrangements regarding credit card installments. Although the opportunity for installments in jewelry shopping was eliminated after the arrangements, the number of consumers who turned their limit into cash through jewelers is still high.

Consumers who want to convert the credit card limit to cash in goldsmiths, all they need to do is go to any jewelry shop and do gold, silver, etc. buying a valuable product. If a credit card payment is made after the purchase, it will have a convertible value, just like cash, so it is possible to sell this product in a different jeweler or the same jeweler. If trading is not desired, money can be withdrawn directly from the commission.

If you are wondering which jeweler to cash from credit card shopping, it may be useful to know that almost every jeweler is doing this. It is enough to indicate that you want to make your shopping with a credit card by visiting the jewelers, you can sell the gold you purchased to a different jeweler or you can return it to the same jeweler by exchange difference.

After the transaction, the jewelers receive approximately 5% commission, it may be good to apply to a different jeweler for the offers above.

Shopping for Different People

If a relative or someone you trust needs to shop, you can request that you use your credit card. In its simplest form, it is a method that you can use to convert your credit card limit to cash without paying any commission, even if you use your credit card and pay the shopping price to you even when shopping for groceries. But the most important thing to note here is that the person you shop on behalf of will pay cash.

Paying Invoice

You can request the cash from your relative or someone you trust by paying their bills with your credit card. The person you pay the invoice can pay the invoice amount to you in cash.

Getting a SmartPhone

After purchasing a mobile phone or tablet with a credit card, you can convert your credit card limit to cash by selling this product to a different person or selling it back to where you bought it.

0-Zero Interest Cash Advance

0-Zero Interest Cash Advance

Thanks to this credit card product, it is possible for consumers to draw up to 900 USD with a zero-interest 9-month installment cash advance. The only condition you need to fulfill for your withdrawal is to have a credit card with a limit of at least 900 USD.

The credit card application made is evaluated and responded within a very short time, and a credit card can be obtained within 2-3 business days. It is not necessary to use the credit card after the cash advance withdrawal, the demanders can close the credit card and continue to pay the cash advance installments. For detailed information and application procedures, it will be sufficient to go to the nearest Good Finance branch.

You can learn about banks that have more flexible rules in obtaining credit cards and you can make your credit card application by taking a look at our article titled Banks Offering Credit Cards for Low Credit Ratings.

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Credit Rating Low To 20 Thousand USD Credit

Thanks to the credit rating, unexpected amounts of credit may be withdrawn, or loans that may be well below the expectations may be accepted.

In this context, it should be noted from the outset that some products for the low credit rating group are also developed. The possibility of credit to low credit ratings from Good Finance Bank is one of these products, and its details are very important for consumers with low credit ratings.

What is a Credit Rating?

What is a Credit Rating?

The note that indicates to what extent the consumers fulfilled their responsibilities arising from financial relations with the banks in the past is called credit note.

Credit Rating Is Determined By What

After increasing questions about what the credit rating was determined for, Findeks, that is, an explanation was made by the institution operating in order to make the credit rating a more understandable report by the consumer.

According to the announcement, the most serious effect on the determination of the credit rating is whether the necessary payments are made based on the loans used in the previous periods and whether the credit card debt is paid on time. In addition, there is the total volume of loans used and the importance of credit debt in the consumer budget in terms of this volume.

When Can I Call a Low Credit Rating

When Can I Call a Low Credit Rating

The fact that the credit rating is low should also have a criterion, when consumers say that the credit rating is low, they have to talk about the same thing with banks and other consumers. For example, for a consumer who has fulfilled his responsibilities perfectly in the past, due to the recent negativities, the credit rating of 1500 has been low, while for other consumers, this rating may be very high. To solve this problem, a categorization was made among the credit ratings and it is as follows:

  • 1-699. Risky Group,
  • 700-1099: Medium Risk Group,
  • 1100-1499: Low risk Group,
  • 1500-1699: Good Group,
  • 1700: 1900: Very Good Group.

As can be seen, it is possible to describe credit scores below 1100 as low credit scores. If your credit score is over 1100 points, you should not think of yourself as a low credit score person, you should apply for credit to any bank along with your income document.

Good Finance Bank Consumer Loan (Up to 20 thousand USD)

Good Finance Bank Consumer Loan (Up to 20 thousand USD)

Within the scope of the consumer loan product allocated by the largest state-owned state bank Good Finance Bank, financing is provided to meet daily needs. Consumers wishing to access this product are expected to have high credit ratings under normal conditions and to have regular income, but consumers with low credit ratings also have the opportunity to use loans under certain limits and conditions.

The features of the loan product are as follows:

  • Up to 36 months maturity,
  • Attractive interest rates,
  • Ability to apply through internet banking or mobile banking application,
  • Discounted Life Insurance,
  • Personalized payment plan.

Who Can Benefit?

This loan product is available to anyone over the age of 18 and under 75 who do not need to be excluded from the banking system. The criteria that divide the people who want to use the loan into two as those who can and cannot use them are the conditions.


Consumers with low credit ratings may be required to show collateral, submit an income certificate or vouch for using credit. These are not imperative, but are likely to help the loan application to result positively. Therefore, if you have a guarantee such as a guarantee, a mortgage or a guarantor you can give while applying for a loan, it is highly recommended to make your application through them.

If you do not have such opportunities, that is, if you cannot show any guarantees, mortgages or guarantors, all you have to do is to apply for a loan, by paying 20% ​​of your monthly income.

For example, it is quite a risk for a person who earns 3 thousand USD monthly to pay 600 USD in installments and increases the probability of the loan being approved. Once you find the amount of installment you need to pay according to your monthly income, it may be useful to enter the website of Good Finance Bank and use the loan calculation tool according to the installment amount.

If these transactions are confusing or you have not been able to access the relevant calculator, simply call the Good Finance Bank call center at 444 00 00 or 0850 220 00 00 . If you tell your monthly income that you want to allocate 20% of this income to loan installment payments, the customer representative will calculate the most appropriate loan for you.


If the consumers who decide to apply for credit are already Good Finance Bank customers, all they have to do is to enter the consumer banking page under the products tab after clicking on the internet banking application and click the apply button immediately. Loan applications made through the internet banking application are evaluated and answered in a short time.

Consumers who want to apply for a loan through the branch must go to the nearest Good Finance Bank branch along with their income document and identity card. The loan application made is answered within a short time and if it has been previously authorized, the account is opened and the credit is allocated without the need to go to the branch again.

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How to get a credit for dental treatment.

In our healthcare system, the benefits of the statutory health insurance companies are increasingly restricted. This becomes particularly clear when visiting the dentist, because if surgery such as dentures or crowns is necessary, it can quickly become expensive for the patient. If the measures are to be carried out in spite of the costs, many sufferers have only the credit for dental treatment.

The credit for dental treatment – variants

The credit for dental treatment - variants

If the additional costs for dental treatment cannot be met with the available financial means, the loan for dental treatment is an alternative. Dentists in particular now often work with credit institutions to offer the patient a complete package. The conditions offered are usually favorable, but you cannot choose the lender, but accept the partner of the dentist being treated. The invoice amount is not paid to the borrower, but directly to the dentist after the treatment is complete.

The banks are aware of the problem of the increasing self-contribution to dental treatment and they have also reacted there. Most credit institutes now offer the loan for dental treatment, which can turn out to be particularly cheap if you choose the earmarked variant. Due to longer terms, low rates and a low interest rate, a freely available loan can also be a good solution.

You should definitely take enough time to compare the different variants. The APR is a comparable value, which makes it possible to find the cheapest solution. Offers that are offered by direct banks, for example on the Internet, should also be included in the comparison.

Credit for dental treatment – you should be aware of that

Credit for dental treatment - you should be aware of that

Before each cost estimate there is an examination, which determines which treatment is necessary. As a rule, the health insurance companies only take over operations that maintain or restore the patient’s health. In dentistry, however, aesthetic aspects also play an important role, which, although not physically necessary, are recommended for the well-being of the patient. The costs will only be covered to a limited extent, but an application should still be made so that the loan amount can be reduced to a minimum.

Furthermore, it is advisable to have a counter-opinion or a second treatment plan made by another dentist. This makes it easier to check which steps are urgently needed and which one could only be taken. Applying for a dental treatment loan directly from the dentist is easy and usually cheap, but you should still compare here and at least ask your bank.

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Can I Buy Gold With a Credit Card?

Some of the steps have been taken regarding the issue as the price of gold has increased steadily recently and the ban on installments, which has been put as a precautionary measure, has been restored.

In this context, it became possible for consumers to re-install their gold purchases. Therefore, how much commission is charged when paying gold with a credit card, what should be considered and it will be useful to mention derivative issues.

Can I Buy Gold With a Credit Card?

Can I Buy Gold With a Credit Card?

Gold could be purchased at any time by credit card, but it was possible to do this only in one shot, not in installments. After the last steps are taken, it was made possible to buy gold from the jeweler through credit cards of some banks and install this exchange with installments with a maturity of 6 months.

Gold Purchase Commission with Credit Card

No commission payment is required to the jeweler or bank to buy gold by credit card. The cost to be made is related to the shopping interest rate and maturity difference determined by the bank regarding the credit card.

Therefore, the amount of maturity difference that consumers will pay for their expenditures varies according to the bank, and all they need to do is contact the bank’s call center. The shopping interest rate of each bank is different and therefore it is not possible to talk about a general passing rate.

Can Gold Purchase Be Installed Later?

Can Gold Purchase Be Installed Later?

If gold is purchased, this debt should be reflected in the statement. In some cases, the debts reflected on the statement can be postponed for a month or spread over a longer-term in return for a certain maturity difference.

This is not a special right granted directly to the purchase of gold, but a campaign directly allocated by the bank to the consumer. You can find out if your bank has the possibility of a later installment and pay the installments you have made one shot.

Places Where Gold Is Purchased By Credit Card

It would be beneficial for consumers to go to a jeweler who owns the pos device of the bank where he works to make much fewer commission payments in gold purchases. As it is known, banks charge an extra commission from the business for the expenditures made by credit cards of different banks, therefore, jewelers can also demand commission from consumers. Many jewelers across the country can sell gold in installments.

In which situations it makes sense

First of all, if you are buying gold with a credit card to invest, it is worth noting that this does not make sense, you should invest only with your savings. However, if you need to buy gold for a special day, but if you do not have enough savings or if your credit application to the banks remains unanswered for your cash needs, it may make sense to purchase gold with a credit card.

Can I Buy Gold and Exchange it at a different jeweler?


After purchasing gold with a credit card, you can exchange it at the same jeweler, not at a different jeweler. As a result, purchasing gold with a credit card does not constitute any disadvantage, and therefore you can get cash by reselling the gold you bought, but you need to make a good calculation here.

Often the commission rates demanded by the jeweler are higher than the interest rates set by the bank for a cash advance, so you should not forget that you have the opportunity to withdraw cash advance and you should also take this into account.

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